2019 SPRING DINNER MENU (April-June)

Spring Menu


Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad $14.95

Fresh shaved Parmesan & bacon bits; (or fresh tossed $11.95)  

Charcuterie Platter For Two $18.95

Assorted Meats,Cheese & Olives-Served With Assorted Breads

Yam Fries chipotle mayo $8.95; French Fries with ketchup & Aioli $7.95

Mussels $16.95

Marinieres (sailor); White cheddar and White Wine; Lemongrass & Coconut milk

Coconut Prawn Salad (3) $12.95

Flash Fried Butterflied Prawns, Asparagus, Strawberries on a bed of Arugula with a chili lime dressing

Asparagus Soup (Vegan) - With grilled asparagus spears $9.95


Seafood Bouillabaisse $21.95

France’s classic Mediterranean fisherman’s stew

Earth & Sea $23.95

Pan Seared Scallops & Duck Breast on a smear of purple mashed potatoes, Fava beans & roasted tomatoes

Vegan Cauliflower Fajitas $16.95

Crispy cauliflower with roasted tomato salsa and guacamole - w/ corn tortillas (gf)

Dinner Salad $21.95

Mixed greens,Tomato in a herbed vinaigrette, with grilled avocado & vegetables & strips of either grilled Canadian Triple AAA grilled steak or chicken; Salmon or prawns +$3.95

Steak & Frites $21.95

Grilled Canadian Triple AAA Strip Loin with house made fries, served with either herb butter or peppercorn sauce

Corner Stone Beef Burger - Lettuce, tomato, red onion $15.95

Veggie Burger $15.95

House made grain based burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, red onion

Cajun Blackened Salmon Burger $18.95

With coconut brown sugar, avocado, herb cream cheese spread, & spring greens

*All burgers served with fries. Substitute salad +$4

For the Kids

Mac & Cheese $8.95;

Basic Burger with Fries $9.95; Chicken Nuggets$9.95,

Milkshakes - Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry $4.95

Dessert $7.95

*Lemon Tart served with berry coulis

*Gluten free Chocolate Cherry Cake

*Cheese cake with fresh berries

*Raspberry Ice Nougat